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et in arcadia ego

 24 September - 16 October 2022

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION of the international cultural twinning project "Strada dell'arte" with the artists of Dueville/Vicenza (Italy), Schorndorf (Germany), Tulle (France) and Bury (England).

What does it mean, in 2022, to live in harmony with Earth?

In the complex perspective that forces us to think immediately what can be the actions and attitudes that each human being can put in place, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, in order to preserve the biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems, what can be the function of art?

NUMA contemporary, a cultural association devoted to contemporary languages, elaborates an exhibition project and related events with the aim of stimulating reflection and comparison between the guidelines of Objective 15 "Life on Earth" and the methods that guided the relationship between man and nature in past centuries: the territory in which we live is characterised by many examples of what, in the past, meant deep down the "system of the Venetian Villa". The political and economic situation that has generated the phenomenon of the Venetian Villas is similar to what we live in now. Today, as five hundred years ago, we are faced with the need to vary the growth model, in respect and enhancement of the specificities of a given place, in the protection of flora and fauna, in the search for an innovation respectful of the habitat in which this model goes to install itself.

Arcadia, the idyllic place that expressed the symbiotic and perfect relationship between human being and nature, in the past has inspired artists and writers towards an idea that distances itself from a utopian model. Arcadia was the spontaneous result of life lived naturally, far from the corruption of civilization. Today, the effort is to rethink the concept of Arcadia, to define a new paradigm, realistic and based on concrete principles, albeit driven by an innovative thrust, albeit understood - at first glance - as utopian.

The diversity of looks, visions and "worlds" is experienced as priceless wealth, a source of inspiration and nourishment for the different artistic communities, which exchange ideas and give us an "other" point of view,  in the collective exhibition BUCOLICA_022 to be held in the spaces of the Arnaldi Centre in Dueville (VI) from 24 September to 16 October, with the participation of 38 artists from four Countries.

For almost twenty years the twinning between the cities of Dueville (Vicenza), Schorndorf (Germany), Tulle (France) and Bury (England) has renewed almost annually the partnership between a widespread community of artists, collaborating together with joint and shared exhibition projects, which took the name of Strada dell'Arte / KunstStrasse / Rue des Art / Street of Arts.

An exchange that does not concern exclusively the exhibition opportunities, allowing works and artists to move between different countries, but above all that contributes to enrich the meeting, cultural and human: multiply and expand the visions on common themes looking for, through art, to spread a plurality that is, in itself, beauty.

OPENING Saturday 24 September at 18.30

From 24 September to 16 October

Hours: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday from 10.30 am to 12 am; from 4.30 pm to 7 pm

Centro Arnaldi, Via Rossi 35 Dueville (VI)


Free admission with a responsible offer.

Initiative promoted by NUMA and the Municipality of Dueville.

In collaboration with Kunstverein Schorndorf, Cour des Arts Tulle, Bury Art Collective, Rete Biblioteche Vicentine, C.U.B.O.

Sponsorship: Falegnameria Grolla


Andreas Heinrich Adler
Simone Fezer
Britta M. Ischka
Silke Kammerer

EBBA Kaynak
Ulrich Kost

Hardy Langer
J. Mangold & J.-H. Pelz
Hartmut Ohmenhäuser
Regine Richter

Anne Römpp
Michael Schützenberger

Christiane Steiner
Gez Zirkelbach

Janet Brady
Peter Cave
Sarah Golightly
Maggie Hargreaves

Marguerite Heywood
Maggie Lea

Helen Mandel

Dennis Markuss
Charmaine Turner

Marie Bazin

Catherine Chaux

Fabrice Combe
Laurent Daubisse
Marie Delnaud
Jean-marc Dufour
Charlotte Jude

Jacques Tramont et Christelle Godebout
Brigitte Paillet

Anna Altobello
Andrea T. Barbiero

Emjl Berdin
Mirta Caccaro

Pietro Scarso
Denis Volpiana

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